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Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Augmented reality and Virtual reality are both some of fastest growing technologies in todays market.
We would like to be a big part of this movement and help our clients achieve its full potential.
As a core to our business, we use Unity and Vuforia as main development engine and we incorporate cutting edge image recognition software to bring augmented reality to the next level.
This ability combined with our AI enabled algorithms can make almost everything possible.
We can help businesses to process and analyze images in mass scale and return data to the servers for post processing or direct use on mobile apps.


Timeline Based Social Platform

Almost all social platforms and communicating platforms are required to be designed to handle high volumes and big data. Webreed have developing it own specialized algorithms to facilitate the process of developing and maintaining such infrastructures. Browzzer is one of our products that maximized this capability. We use some of the most advanced software and programing languages along with most recent development platform from google and amazon to build an agile and fast MVPs and yet keep the capacity for fast and quick scaling.


Ecommenrce Platform

With the explosion of internet and use of mobile devices, ecommerce and online presence is more important than ever. Accepting online payments or creating a online shop are just the beginning of this amazing and ever-growing industry. At Webreed not only we can help our clients with the latest and most secure technologies to accept and process payments, but also we help many emerging connection platforms to process math payments to their submerchant. To put it simply: or as an example:

Lets say you are a business that needs to deposit money to hundreds or thoudands of employees, staff, business partners or saleforce each month and you need this to happen authomaticaly with a push of a button, this is what we can help you with as our specialized value propositions. This technology will help many business that built over sharing economy idea. The idea that seems to be shaping the future of technology and ecommerce business


Web, Mobile App Technology

Lets imagine you can go back in time to 1995, the time where internet users were only 23,000 peoples.
What would you do, how much opportunity you could have and how would you sent up your online presence.
I am sure your would jump on the opportunity and would maximize this new technology that not many people know the potential.
Well here , now , today, we are standing relatively at the same spot in relation to mobile devices and the available opportunities.

Webreed helps its client to realize this potential and maximize the magic of mobile device in to their business. And by that, I am not referring just a simple mobile present of a business or a mobile user-friendly website. I am referring the potential of using mobile technology to disturb your business industry and offer your service at much higher scale using the super computer on your client’s hands.