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What is Netsher?

Netsher is a mobile application that connects hotspot
users and providers. Netsher lets you sell your extra
internet you don’t need or buy internet directly from
Netsher community at a very low cost and only for
the amount you need with a push of a button.

About Netsher
Become a Provider

Become a Provider

Netsher is a great way to earn some extra cash by
selling your extra internet on your phone. Join our
network of providers today and help others access
internet. We will track who and how much internet
was used and we deposit the amount directly to
your account.

Become a User

Join our network of users and enjoy freedom of
accessing internet everywhere. You can use free or low cost
internet at a push of a button on your smartphone. We
keep all the username and passwords for free and paid
hotspots so all you have to do is open the app and push a

Become a User
We Are Secured

We Are Secured

We are using one of the most complicated native and custom algorithms to protect your personal information, We encrypt all the communications and limit access
to devices.

Join Our Network

Enjoy We are offering $10 credit to buy internet to the
first 1000 users, pre-register today!! only few left